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dash diet cookbook

Would you like to lose weight naturally without thinking about the diet? Would you like to eat healthy and delicious dishes?

We often think that healthy foods are sad and tasteless; This is wrong!

The secret is to expand our knowledge in the kitchen; there are not only hamburgers, pasta, and pizza!

There is a large variety of different ingredients, ways of cooking them, and also of seasoning them, which could amaze and delight you.

If you think that to lose weight, it is necessary to eat in small quantities, that's wrong. The right combination of ingredients and condiments allows you to eat satiety and sometimes even more, without gaining weight.

The recipes you will find here are not improvised; instead, they follow the nutritional and prevention guidelines offered by modern medical science. Numerous scientific research has identified in the DASH diet, one of the best dietary regimens to prevent and combat hypertension and metabolic syndrome-related to overweight.

Eating, therefore, is not only a pleasure, but it is also a cure!

In this book you'll find:

  • 21-day meal plan
  • Over 50 tasteful and healthy recipes
  • recipes easy to cook with step by step instructions
  • Recipe for snacks, sauces and side dishes
  • also vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes.

If you think this new food style is too difficult for you, start by trying some recipes; you will discover that cooking is simple, but above all, you will fall in love with these delicious recipes, full of aromas and colors!



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