Smoothie with fennel seeds and prunes

by Ann Claire

Agosto 12, 2020

Smoothie with fennel seeds and prunes

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Ann Claire

About me

Ann Claire is a cookbook writer, wife, and mother of two. With the two pregnancies, she gained 25 kg. Still, at the end of the second pregnancy, she decided to change her life, approaching 2 of her greatest passions: cooking and spirituality.

Ann has rediscovered the pleasure of food and has revolutionized her diet. She has revisited the recipes of kitchens all over the world, using fresh and healthy ingredients with truly unexpected results for the surprising goodness and also for the weight.

In her spare time, Ann loves walking in nature and practicing the ancient oriental art of Qi gong, a practice that teaches how to listen and channel the energies that naturally flow into the body.


Ann Claire

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